I wrote a script this morning that uses the aws-cli to check the cost of my AWS account for a particular time-range:

let start = await arg('Enter start date (YYYY-MM-DD)')
let end = await arg('Enter end date (YYYY-MM-DD)')
let {stdout} = exec(`aws ce get-cost-and-usage --time-period Start=${start},End=${end} --granularity MONTHLY --metrics "BlendedCost"`)
let data = JSON.parse(stdout)
let monthCost = data.ResultsByTime[0].Total.BlendedCost
let { say } = await kit('speech')
await say(`Your AWS bill is $${Number(monthCost.Amount).toFixed(2)}`)

I'm thinking in the future of expanding this so if I can get other time granularities (weekly, daily), or drill down based on costs of items based on a tag.